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Ryoma! Rebirth: The Prince of Tennis Movie

Ryoma! Rebirth: The Prince of Tennis Movie

Type: Fall 2021 Anime

Plot Summary: “Ryoma! Rebirth: The Prince of Tennis Movie” takes place during the three-month time period between the events at the end of the “The Prince of Tennis” and the start of “The New Prince of Tennis”. After winning the ferocious battle at the All-Japan National Tournament, Ryoma travels alone to America in order to refine his skills, however, due to a “certain incident” Ryoma ends up slipping back in time and finds a younger Echizen Nanjiro on his active player days, during which he was known as “Samurai'' The "Decide" version focuses on the Seigaku team captain Kunimitsu Tezuka and Rikkai team captain Seiichi Yukimura, while the "Glory" version focuses on the Hyōtei team captain Keigo Atobe and Shitenhōji team captain Kuranosuke Shiraishi.

Status: Complete