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Mugen Senki Portriss

Mugen Senki Portriss

Plot Summary: Suddenly, the Dark Army and its president, Dark Potris, who are planning to conquer the world, appear on the Potris Planet, where machine lifeforms live peacefully. In order to defeat the Dark Potris, the warriors of justice, the Potris Knights, infiltrate the Dark Army's headquarters, Babel Tower, which is the launch pad for the Super Space-Time Destruction Cannon. The moment the Dark Potris turns on the Super Space-Time Destruction Cannon to destroy the Potris Knights, Yuuma, a boy who entered a capsule, falls from the sky. Yuuma was a mutant who fused with Dragon Blue and was able to demonstrate special abilities. Eventually, the Potris Knights show Dark Potris their astonishing power, but they are sent far away by the attack of the Super Space-Time Destruction Cannon fired again. However, in order to restore peace to the Potris Planet, the Potris Knights once again head for the Babel Tower, heading for the whirlpool of war.

Genre: Mecha

Released: 2003

Status: Complete