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Aug 11, 2022 09:08 AM

Community score: 3.6

My Isekai Life

My Isekai Life delivers another simple but stellar offering this week. The premise is not terribly complicated, but it's the creativity in the delivery that makes it worthwhile.

Yuji is being hounded by the assassins previewed in the last episode. In an effort to throw them off his trail; he tries to undersell his capabilities. A lot of this involves great comedic moments, such as Yuji acting like he has no money and hearing the running dialogue of the assassins. But the cherry on top is the sequence where he tries to play up his tamer reputation and avoid fighting, allowing Proud Wolf to do the heavy lifting for him.

The sequences with Proud Wolf are a delight. We get a good clutch of standard Pokémon/monster battling goodness, with Proud Wolf facing off against charging bulls in suitably dramatic fashion. But we get a great running commentary from Proud Wolf himself, and even a fun flashback to when they first met. All of this culminates in Yuji having to step in and finally show his strength—eliciting a ridiculous reaction from the assassins. Those absurd closeups of the assassins faces in particular are a riot. There's a terrific use of a sort of fisheye lens effect to warp their faces and make their eyes look enormous and bulging. It's a natural comedic escalation after the slow burn most of the episode had been, and it was a surprisingly effective visual gag.

Lastly, we get more of Yuji helping others out. It's good that he does have other people's interest at heart—at the very least their immediate safety. I also like the scene with the blacksmith, as it might mean that we get to see cool and/or adorable armor for the beloved slime friends. I'm imaging them with fun hats and giant shoulder pads and praying we see that next time.


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