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Shou Minamimoto

Shou Minamimoto

Other name: 南師 猩 / ミナミモト

Minamimoto is a dark skinned man with yellow eyes and violet-ash hair who dresses in trendy black clothing with a red bandana underneath his cap. He becomes the Game Master in Chapter 2 of the game. He is very intelligent, with an obsession for mathematics and building pillars of junk, but also has an even more violent, cruel and heartless side to him. He is one of the highest ranking Reapers, as well as the most successful, but at times acts as a messenger despite his ambition to one day become the Composer of the Game. His favorite word is "zetta," which is a mathematical term equal to 1000 to the seventh power, and he uses it as a modifier, e.g. "So zetta slow!"

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