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Kisa Souma

Kisa Souma

Other name:  (草摩 杞紗)


 Age: 12–13


Kisa is the tiger of the zodiac. She is very shy, cute, and withdrawn, largely because her classmates harass and ostracize her due to her naturally orange hair, a side effect of her curse of the tiger. In Japanese society, non-black hair is considered "disrespectful" or "unnatural" and being made fun of for this reason is really quite normal. Tohru helps her to come out of her shell, and she develops quite an attachment to Tohru, calling her "big sister," or "oneechan." She loves omelets and dislikes dry foods and loves an anime series called "Mogeta." Usually seen around Hiro or Momiji. Her mother is extremely protective of her and worries about her often.

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