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Yuuki, Aoi

Yuuki, Aoi

Other name: Aoi Yabusaki, 八武崎 碧, 八武﨑 碧

Birthday: Mar 3, 1992

Birth place: Chiba Prefecture

Country: Japanese


Blood type: A
Height: 145 cm
Hobbies: Writing books, drawing
Sports: Skiing, snowboarding
Specialty: Reading aloud, tongue twisters

She won Best Main Female Seiyuu Award in 6th Annual Seiyuu Award.

She has released two mini-albums: Petit Pas (プティパ) on March 28, 2012 and Meriba (メリバ) on February 13, 2013.

Forms duo Petit Milady with Ayana Taketatsu.

Twitter: @staff_aoi
Profile: jvcmusic.co.jp/aoiyuki/



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