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Oosaka, Ryouta

Oosaka, Ryouta

Other name: Ryo-chan, Ryota-senpai, Ryota Osaka

Birthday: Aug 8, 1986

Birth place: Tokushima Prefecture, Japan

Country: Japanese


Height: 176 cm
Blood type: O
Hobbies & skills: softball, bowling, walking, games

Profile: earlywing.co.jp/talent_...

Ōsaka is the middle child of three siblings. He played on a baseball team in elementary school and on the softball team as pitcher in secondary school.He was involved with anime while attending junior high school, but had no particular dream on acting before entering high school.  After graduating from a local technical high school, Ōsaka moved to Tokyo with a friend who also wanted to be a voice actor, and studied the basics of acting for two years at Nippon Kogakuin Hachioji College. After graduating, Ōsaka attended a voice actor training school, passed the additional audition

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