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Itou, Miku

Itou, Miku

Other name: 美来, 伊藤

Birthday: Oct 10, 1996

Birth place: Tokyo, Japan

Country: Japanese


Blood Type: O

Specialty: Kendo (lowest grade)
Favorite color :light blue, white, yellow
Hobbies: watching anime, dancing, playing Hyakunin Isshu

She is one of the new members of StylipS that joined on April 27, 2013 along with fellow Kensyuusei Moe Toyota. She is also a member of Pyxis with Moe Toyota.

• She is a fan of Kamen Rider,where her favorite rider is Den'o.
• Her favorite sushi topping is shellfish.
• She enjoys acting.
• Also known as Kyary-Kyary-san (キヤリーキヤリさん).

Twitter: InfoItomiku
Profile: Style Cube

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